BTC $ 8001.49 (-4.42 %)
ETH $ 641.268 (-7.71 %)
XRP $ 0.637398 (-6 %)
BCH $ 1133.46 (-6.85 %)
EOS $ 12.2288 (-8.03 %)
LTC $ 127.238 (-4.82 %)
ADA $ 0.219257 (-11.28 %)
XLM $ 0.295669 (-6.63 %)
TRX $ 0.0740697 (-9.29 %)
MIOTA $ 1.60634 (-6.49 %)


Crypto trading tools are created for making trader’s life easier - they help to work keeping mind only on currency rates and transactions details. We constantly update reviews on trading robots, digital wallets, and other useful software for your convenience.


Trading robot, or advisor, is a software designed for determining the best possible parameters of your trades, and also for managing them. It may sound complicated, but practically they just use pre-recorded algorithms for instant reaction when market moves up or down. Considering the growth speed of cryptocurrencies rates, robots can be very useful.

Crypto Calculator

Crypto calculator is a trading tool used to calculate the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or any other popular cryptocurrency. It helps to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat funds, such as dollars, euro, pounds, etc. All calculations are carried out in accordance with the Coinmarketcap rate. Learn your trading profit!

Mining Profit Calculator

Mining profit calculator allows traders to compare their income and losses, taking into account all funds invested in the farm, electricity bills, fees, and possible exchange rate fluctuations. The tool helps calculate the profit received from mining of the most popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and many others.