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Schoolchild Wants To Get Bitcoins Back, Threatening To Blow Up Airport

18:58 05/11/2018
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An Indian schoolboy threatened to blow up Miami airport if the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would not help him return the stolen bitcoins, the Hindustan Times reports.

The high school student, whose name is not disclosed, made 50 calls to the FBI office during a month asking for help in returning the bitcoins stolen by a fraudster from the United States.

Having failed to get any reaction from the investigators, the teenager repeatedly called and wrote to the administration of Miami International Airport under fake names, threatening to blow up the building. He claimed to possess an AK-47 assault rifle, combat grenades, and a suicide belt.

The FBI officers appealed to the National Investigation Agency of India (NIA) with a request to assist in finding the caller. It turned out that all calls were made from a small town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The young man was arrested and interrogated. He faced charges under several articles of Indian Penal Code, including for the threat of a terrorist attack via the Internet and phone calls. Law enforcement officers did not arrest him because of his young age. Teachers and family members characterized the boy positively, and the police concluded that his threats were unintentional.

The student invested his father’s $1000 in bitcoin and has been receiving a large income over the past five months, until he met a person in the social networks, allegedly from the USA, who promised to make even more profit but disappeared with the money.

As previously reported, the police seized the first crypto ATM in India a week after installation.


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