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World Blockchain Summit To Enter Malaysia, 2019

14:00 03/02/2019
World Blockchain Summit To Enter Malaysia

The global blockchain series is opening its calendar year of events with a grand entry into Malaysia.


The Kuala Lumpur edition of Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit will mark the global series’ entry into the Malaysian marketplace. The summit will take place on February 27–28, 2019, at the Intercontinental Hotel.


The World Blockchain Summit is an internationally renowned series that has hosted over 15,000 delegates in over ten countries across the world, with a special focus on hosting elites from regional governments and enterprises alike.


Malaysia is one of the newest countries on the blockchain map, as the country pushed for the active legislation of blockchain based service providers. Furthermore, after initially distancing itself from cryptocurrencies, the Malaysian government is now looking to classify crypto tokens and other digital currencies as tokenized assets. The Finance Ministry has also announced it hopes to completely regulate cryptocurrencies by Q1 2019.


Hence, the World Blockchain Summit is arriving in Kuala Lumpur at the most opportune moment as the local blockchain industry is moving towards the wide-scale adoption of ledger based services. The summit will gather over 500 technology developers, startups, entrepreneurs and solution providers at the venue to share knowledge, implementation techniques and adoption practices for blockchain solutions into diverse industries and sectors.


The regulatory body MIGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology) is helping institutions and government bodies rapidly adopt blockchain services. The Ministry of Education has also set up a degree verification system via a distributed ledger. The President and CEO of MIGHT, Datuk Dr Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, will be delivering a keynote address at the World Blockchain Summit in Kuala Lumpur.


Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon, said that “Malaysia is now the centre of global news after the government, that first opposed blockchain and cryptocurrency services, made a 180-degree turn and is now looking to regulate them within the country. Industries like education, tourism, healthcare and public services can benefit from the transparency and incorruptible features a distributed ledger provides”.


The event will also have startups and ICOs present at the exhibition venue, displaying their services and products to a hoard of investors, seeking the required assistance and support needed for growth. Some other notable industry personalities and leaders attending the event include Rene Bernard, President of ACCESS – Malaysia; Kohei Kurihara, President of the Tokyo Chapter – Government Blockchain Association; and Samson Lee, Founder and CEO of CoinStreet.

World Blockchain Summit Kuala Lumpur Speakers

World Blockchain Summit Kuala Lumpur Speakers


Datuk DR. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman

President & CEO, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)


Rene Bernard

President, ACCESS Blockchain Association

Kohei Kurihara

President of Tokyo Chapter – Government Blockchain Association, Founder & CMO – Collabogate


Stan Singh-Jit

Senior Councillor – PIKOM, Founder / Principal Consultant – IronHorse Asia Sdn Bhd


Abdul Fattah Mohamed Yatim

Chairman – Malaysia’s National Standards Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, Department of Standards Malaysia


Bundit Sapianchai

President and CEO, BCPG Public Company


Kiana Shek

Co-founder, DigiFinex Ltd


Samson Lee

Founder & CEO – CoinStreet, Founding Chairman – Belt & Road TechFin Association, Co-Founder – Ethereum south China community


Tony Tong

Co-Chairman, Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA


Wee Meng Thoo

Head Of Investments, TMT, Leonie Hill Capital


David Lu

Venture Partner, Virgil Capital


Cindy Leow

Principal, 256 Ventures


Dinis Guarda

Founder CEO, Ztudium / Blocksdna / Intelligenthq


Andrea Bonaceto

Founding Partner & CEO, Eterna Capital


Celine Moille

Partner, Yellaw


Calvin Ngo

Solution Architect, Consensys Pte Ltd


Eric Cheng

Exchange Owner, BitTrade


Joe Seunghyun Cho

Co-Founder and Chairman – Marvelstone Group, Co-Founder and Founding CEO – LATTICE80


Cris D Tran

Group Director, QRC Group


Rennie Sng

Founder & CEO, Crypto Valley Singapore


Andrew Pal

Chief Strategy Officer (APAC), GSX Group


Chuan Ji Lim

Partnerships (APAC), Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group


Alvin Chua

President, Institute of Blockchain™



CFO and Co-founder, LuxTag


Branson Lee

Executive Committee – Singapore FinTech Association, CEO – Ecxx.com


DR. Mohd Daud Bakar

Chairman, Malaysia Islamic Economic Development Foundation (YaPEIM)


Elizabbeth Siew

Co-founder, LePro System Berhad


Stefano Virgilli

Chief Executive Officer, VOX


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