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The International Project StudUp To Tokenize The Knowledge Of Young Specialists

11:49 04/12/2018
StudUp Tokenizes The Knowledge Of Young Specialists

On 2nd March 2019 in Kyiv will take place the first expert estimation of knowledge called StudRate. The organizer of the event is the international educational blockchain project called StudUp.


The mission of the project - to motivate young people to gain knowledge and become professionals in their field.


An idea of the StudUp project is giving accurate assessment of young people’s knowledge, on which employers can rely. Besides, the project will motivate students and graduates of universities to gain more professional knowledge.


Every student and graduate up to 30 years old from every university all around the world can participate in annual expert estimation of knowledge StudRate for his specialty. The questions of the test will be provided by the authoritative expert-employers (personnel of leading companies in their field). Also it is the first time when Artificial Intellect will be able to participate in expert estimation, which will give his producers the opportunity to assess his level and find the way to use it in companies.


The participants will be given the rate points after finding out the result of the estimation. The results will be recorded into the blockchain. In this way no one will be able to change the result.  


Participants, who will pass the test well, will get tokens of the StudCoin project. The owners of StudCoin tokens will be able to sell them to employers. The employers need them to pay for an access to the rate of the participants of expert estimation StudRate and suggest the job to those, whose knowledge is already estimated. Employers will be able to see all the answers of participants to the questions.


By doing this way, young people can earn money thanking to their knowledge and employers, on the other hand, will have relations to the competent young specialists.


The first expert estimation of knowledge StudRate will take place on 2nd March 2019 in Kyiv in the field called “Advertising and PR”. Participants can complete tests in these specialties: ”Marketing”, “Digital Marketing”, “Graphic Design”, “Copywriting”, “ Link With the Society”.


Participating in expert estimation is free.


There will be the first battle for talents in Ukraine within the program. The participants, who will receive high places in the rate, can present themselves to the employers. After that employers will talk to the participants in the format of “speed mentoring” and can employ them to their companies. Other participants can watch the presentation of employers in another room and submit their candidatures.


While the test will last, there will take place an attempt to set the Ukrainian record “The first simultaneous testing of specialists in “Advertising and PR” .


You can apply for participating at the website of the project.


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