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Satoshi Nakamoto Virtual Monuments Are Expanding Across US

20:27 09/11/2018
Satoshi Nakamoto Virtual Monuments Are Expanding Across US

The virtual monuments of Satoshi Nakamoto, supposed bitcoin creator, were established in eight US cities within the framework of the project initiated by the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic (SNR) this autumn.


The project is aimed at combining AR technologies with reality and creating the global digital union of cities.


Digital Satoshi monuments, which look like a three-headed, multiracial two-gender robot, were installed in New York, Cambridge, Cupertino, Stanford, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Mountain View city. It cannot be seen only with human eyes, it becomes visible through the smartphone application available for IOS and Android. The application was created nine months ago and has already listed 11 cities in US and Ukraine where the 3D monuments were established.


“Not all the things you can’t see by your own eyes don’t exist or vice versa. Nowadays technology gives us tremendous opportunities, due to which everyone can create its own reality,” — SNR representatives claim. They think that now humanity witnesses the historical moment when the global virtualization begins.

Satoshi Nakamoto Virtual Monuments Are Expanding Across US
Source: Satoshi Nakamoto Republic

The team also announced that the monuments installation is just the first attempt on the way to the virtual cities creation. In November–December, 2018, SNR is going to launch the digital land sale to allow people install their 3D objects with the help of QR codes. The deals will be proved by certificates recorded in blockchain.


The project representatives are now looking for mayors of the virtual cities to coordinate the project. The city founders will have duties and responsibilities for which they will be paid up to 75% of the revenue from the virtual land sales and rentals. The virtual Los Angeles and virtual Miami have already got their mayors who decided to establish the unique 3D monuments with the help of the Younk music platform in their cities.

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