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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines: Leading Speakers Will Discuss Topical Industry Trends

14:00 24/11/2018
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

On December 6, Manila will welcome the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines by Smile-Expo – the large event focused on DLT and crypto coins. The last year’s meeting has gathered 300 guests, 12 companies in the demozone and top speakers from top world companies.


Who will speak at the conference?


At this year’s event, the sphere’s top professionals will discuss the topical issues regarding the technology and the crypto industry’s trends.


The Co-Founder and CCO at Satoshi Citadel Industries Miguel Cuneta will deliver the presentation “You Probably Don’t Need Blockchain For It”. During his talk, the expert will explain when blockchain is not needed and regular database is enough.


The event will also include the panel discussion “Smart Contracts and Legal Contracts”. Among the participants there will be Rafael Padilla, one of the establishers of Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP). The organization spreads the crypto knowledge and unites DLT enthusiasts to promote the global adoption of the technology.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Business Owner at Tagcash – Mark Vernon – will explain what are the permissioned blockchains and will demonstrate use cases with MultiChain and Stellar. During his speech, the expert will focus on shared KYC, international remittance and supply chain tracking.


Lito Villanueva, Chairman at FinTechAlliance.ph, will give an insight into the digital assets as liquid alternatives in investment. The goal of his organization is to stimulate innovations and promote the expansion of the technology.


Jorge Azurin, CEO & Founder at MediXserve, will describe how DLT works in the medical industry, present real-life use cases and examine the future of healthcare with blockchain.


What else is waiting for visitors?


The conference will also involve the demozone, where DLT-based corporations will have a space to present their new crypto products to the audience.


Pitch-sessions will be a part of the program as well – during small presentations, crypto startups will acquaint the guests with their ideas.


Networking will present the opportunity to find potential business partners and investors.


Venue and tickets


The event will take place in the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati Hotel in Manila. The address is Palm Drive, Ayala Centre, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila, Philippines.


Tickets for the event are available on the registration page




The event will be coordinated by the company Smile-Expo – an organizer of 48 successful blockchain events in 25 countries.


More information about the event and registration are on the official website of the conference.


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