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Cryptocurrency Exchange Kuna.io Is Changing Its Corporate Logo And Expanding To International Markets

15:48 17/12/2018
Cryptocurrency Exchange Kuna.io

On December 13, 2018 the cryptocurrency exchange Kuna.io unveiled its new branding. The website has also been updated and its functionality expanded. New methods of depositing and withdrawing funds such as ADV-cash and Kuna Code have been made available to users. A new seamless API has been introduced for the creation of trading bots. Additionally, users of the exchange were able to take part in the beta-test of the new mobile app.


Kuna.io is planning to launch in Georgia, Belorussia, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Armenia. In connection with its global plans, and in line with users’ expectations, the exchange has changed its logo and corporate identity.


The logo and new style, which were created over a period of four months were developed by Kuna designers to reflect our new worldwide business aims and our existing business values.


The new identity of Kuna is a natural process. For 4 years of our work, the world of cryptocurrency and the Kuna exchange has developed and changed. We are expanding, and Kuna is heading to new markets in the south and west and we are consolidating our work on all levels, from strategy, to the interface of the exchange 

- Michael Chobanian, Founder of Kuna.io.


Additionally, Kuna has updated its website and expanded its functionality. New methods of depositing and withdrawing currency have been introduced, such as ADV-cash, Kuna code and DP and with the help of the new Kuna Code service, users can transfer assets both between users’ accounts on the Kuna exchange as well as outside of the exchange.



Updates in the exchange interface — Total balance is displayed in BTC and $, and the balance can also be viewed separately for each asset.


The team of workers at the exchange have developed a beta version of a new API. This gives more options for the flexible development of the trading bots. API was written on a new architecture and will work much faster than the previous version. In addition, API was developed in line with other exchanges, so that users could easily adapt trading bots with API Kuna


Additionally, the long-anticipated Market Order buy/sell button had been added.



Kuna has launched the beta-test of the mobile app, so that users could follow the markets and comfortably make trades anywhere. You can already use the app simply by making a request on the website.


Testing will continue until February 2019, after which the app will be available to everyone.


Additionally, Kuna has revised how we communicate in letters and notifications. Communication from the exchange has become clearer, easier to access and more interesting and the support team now works around the clock.


From the moment of the exchanges launch in 2015 Kuna has been constantly changing: the number of trading pairs has been increased, functionality refined and the quality of technical support improved. Requests to our developers are most likely to come from the support department, who have the best insight into the most frequent requests of users. The team has done a great job, and now the Kunas concept is visually presented as a global brand 

- Semen Kaploushenko, Kuna COO.


The developers and designers at Kuna are already working on a new exchange interface in the new style.




Kuna.io — a cryptocurrency exchange, established in 2016. Kuna became the first public cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine and the countries of the ex-Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It was Kuna that conducted the first successful ICO in the territory of the Post-Soviet region in 2015. The exchange is the first in Ukraine to launch Cryptomat on its own API, which made it possible to quickly buy bitcoins with cash. Kuna is both a public and an open exchange and an active member or the Blockchain Association of Ukraine. Specialists from Kuna participated in the creation of laws regarding the legalization of cryptocurrencies. Among the main advantages of the exchange — a simple method of depositing and withdrawing money, 24-hour high quality and quick support (including Telegram Chat), the community trust of thousands of people and a real location on the map — Blockchain Hub Kiev.


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