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COO At IronFX Group Heads IronX Decentralised Crypto Exchange

19:23 07/11/2018
IronX Crypto Trading Exchange

IronX, an Estonia-based crypto exchange founded by the Cardano protocol developers, EmurgoHK, together with e-trading giant IronFX Group, announced the appointment of Dimitris Hatzis as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Also, Dimitris Hatzis will continue to serve as the Chief Operating Officer at the IronFX Group where he’s already worked for five years.


According to Markos A. Kashiouris, founder and chairman of IronX, they have chosen Dimitris Hatzis because he’s got more than 23 years of experience in the international investment processes, banking, and global e-trading. Mr. Kashiouris claims that nowadays it is vital to engage knowledgeable market leaders because the digital assets are on the verge of the global acceptance.

Markos A. Kashiouris

Newly appointed CEO outlined the vectors of the company's further development and stressed the importance of IronX on the global scene as it operates within the framework of the regulations in conditions of rapid and unpredictable changes of technologies. The exchange got a license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and became fully regulated decentralised trading platform on September of 2018.


Last week, the exchange team announced the beginning of a public token sale. The company's private sale was accessible via invitations and allowed to sell 67.6 million tokens with total amount of more than $22.3 million. The ERC-20 utility tokens of the exchange are listed under the IRX name and are used to support the IronX ecosystem as well as give access to additional services and benefits for its owners. Also, the system includes the recently added PumaPay token (PMA) as a funding method and the ADA coins which are the native currency of the Cardano system.


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