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FAWS All-In-One Crypto News Aggregator To Help Investors And Traders

17:49 06/11/2018
FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

Nowadays it is easy to get lost among a variety of cryptocurrencies, decentralized platforms, and blockchain projects. It is vital for everyone who is involved in the crypto sphere to stay on the top of all the significant market updates. The FAWS application allows investors, traders, and others to get the full package of information in one place. It is a news aggregator with more than 40 channels including the breaking news, latest updates, asset rates, and market analysis.


The platform navigation is user-friendly and intuitive. The news feed is very flexible since users can choose which channels to follow. The aggregator checks such reputable sources as  Forbes, Business Insider, CoinDesk, Investing.com, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com, Bitcoinist, UseTheBitcoin, and many others. Readers have access to the useful features like the price changes alerts, coin portfolios, and live news feed.

FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

The project team claims that FAWS is the perfect tool for making wise and profitable investments which allows following the main market trends without spending too much time on the monitoring process. The aggregator collects data on assets rates from multiple sources like CoinMarketCap, Bitfinex, Cryptopia, Poloniex, etc. It is possible to change the display charts as these can be sorted by different parameters, such as daily volume or percentage changes. Users also can form their own asset list by adding coins to the special Favorite tab.


Moreover, the FAWS team tried to solve the problems of crypto owners, who possess different types of assets and are just unable to trace them all. For such cases, there is the Portfolio section which allows users to stay in touch with the market changes and to figure out the total amount of all the investments made in different cryptocurrencies.


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