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European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019 Bringing Industry Professionals, Investors and Startups Together in Vienna

14:00 30/12/2018
European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019 Bringing Industry Professionals

From February, 28 to March 2, European Blockchain Investment Congress will be gathering top blockchain professionals, market leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain-based startups to provide outstanding learning, discussion and networking experience first ever in such scope in Europe.


In the very heart of Vienna, international speakers connected to blockchain industry — professors, founders, influencers, representatives of blockchain-promoting associations, and others — will be brought together to raise the importance of blockchain technology as a key driving force in modern economics, and more importantly, project its future implications.


The discussion will encompass blockchain-based business models and their effect on a variety of markets from shipping to commerce, tourism and education. The leading companies are going to present the success and failure case studies, debate on advertising implications, security concerns, potential regulation and governance, and undoubtedly, the outcomes of such debates will provide an impression of how blockchain as a cutting-edge technology possesses a unique capability to develop society in a faster, more efficient and transparent way.


For the ICOs and investors, this is a unique opportunity to connect. ICOs will gain an outstanding insight into recent blockchain implementation cases from financial and non-financial institutions as to remittances, cross-border payments, settlements, identity and supply chain management, and into blockchain as a service of innovative opportunities and an ultimate record keeping tool. At the same time, investors and capital funds will have access to leading innovation enthusiasts and blockchain-savvy individuals who can provide overturning investment opportunities and generate high profits.


For the most prominent blockchain-based ICOs, the participation in EBIC AWARD is open to recognize their effective application of blockchain technology. The vote will be held between internationally successful professionals and investors, awarding the winner with a trophy for the first, second and third place as well as with a swingeing marketing package and other supportive services. Participation in EBIC AWARD attracts global attention to aspiring and ambitions entrepreneurs, giving them a change to make a difference in a modern, rapidly blockchain-ising world.


February is around the corner, which means European Blockchain Investment Congress is nearly at your doorstep — take your chance to gain priceless knowledge on blockchain technology. www.ebic2019.com


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