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CoinNA Crypto News Aggregator Review: Minimalistic But Still Multitask

11:23 22/11/2018
CoinNA Crypto News Aggregator Review

There are hundreds of media resources about crypto and blockchain that produce thousands of articles everyday. This flood of information makes it almost impossible for a single person to find the key news and to neglect paid or fake data. Such instruments as news aggregators can help users to manage the information, especially if there is a tool perfectly designed for everyone interested in crypto.


The CoinNA.com news aggregator creates a news feed based on the most reliable media sources and such popular websites as Reddit and CryptoCompare. The platform creators have been making entertainment content aggregators for over 15 years, and now they are deeply interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. So they decided to use their experience and build the most informative and handy platform to help crypto enthusiasts and investors. The team is aimed at providing an independent search engine, which means they do not accept payments for content promotion.


At first sight, CoinNA seems to only fulfill users' need for some fresh news. But it hides a variety of services and features under the hood of the minimalistic design. The news feed is performed in two modes, which are the latest news and top rated stories. Not only can users filter articles by date, author, or source, they can also use over 50 tags and two main categories, such as exchanges and cryptocurrencies. There is also the possibility to create a flexible news feed as users can select or unselect sources, from which news headlines are displayed. The system automatically suggests new headlines based on the articles that have already been read.

Apart from news articles, CoinNA provides information and tutorial materials about crypto and blockchain. Readers can find out how to buy bitcoins or how the distributed ledger works. The platform is compatible with Android and iOS and does not require users to login or even create accounts. The developers even provided a day/night mode switcher that guarantees comfortable reading without eye-strain.


However, the team warns readers that information on the website cannot be used as investment advice and they do not have ownership of materials they provide. It means there is no gatekeeper to filter fake news or check whether data is true or not. The platform is a well-designed and simple tool for advanced crypto holders but it does not seem to suit well for beginners.


This is a  partnership content, which should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Blockspoint.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Blockspoint.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

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