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Blockchain In Business And Cryptocurrency Trading: Reports Of Foreign Crypto Experts At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

14:04 14/09/2018

On September 19, Smile-Expo will hold a large-scale event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, dedicated to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The conference will bring together top crypto experts from Ukraine and abroad, who will discuss cryptocurrency regulation, blockchain application in business and the technology prospects development.


The list of foreign speakers includes the Managing Partner at BlockTrade Investments Zachary Reece and the main product owner of CA Technologies Alexandru Popa.


Zachary Reece is the Managing Partner at BlockTrade Investments and an asset management specialist. The topic of the expert’s report is ‘Trading: problems and solutions’.


The speaker will tell:


  • about aspects affecting modern trading;
  • how bearish trend and trading volume are related;
  • about changes in the cryptocurrency trading trends over the last year.


Zachary Reece gives consultations on the ICO organization, fintech and blockchain projects development. His company BlockTrade Investments provides asset management services.


The main product owner and blockchain developer of the IT company CA Technologies, Alexandru Popa, will make a report on ‘The strategic value of blockchain for business without hype’.


The expert will discuss:


  • strategic advantages offered by blockchain to the economy;
  • blockchain value;
  • optimization of the blockchain application, based on the state of the market.


Alexandru Popa specializes in the development of software solutions. He worked in such companies as Nokia and AT&T. Today he deals with the blockchain developments at CA Technologies, a large software company.


The event organizer is the international company Smile-Expo, which has successfully carried out 44 blockchain conferences in 25 countries.


More details about the conference and registration are available on the event official website.

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  1. Folkman:
    09/14/18 at 10:01

    actually , there are so many views about strategic advantages offered by blockchain to the economy. Even the main can't be determined exactly