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Blockchain Life 2018 — Outcomes

17:04 12/11/2018
Blockchain Life Outcomes

Blockchain Life 2018, the largest international conference in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, was held on the basis of the specialized platform Expoforum on November 7-8, 2018 in St. Petersburg. The event was organized at the highest level. The chosen venue was big enough to comfortably hold all participants, there was a large number of volunteers in each room, while the building was guarded by the staff of the congress and the exhibition center. The forum was held in two formats simultaneously: speeches and the exhibition of projects.

Blockchain Life Outcomes

Over 70 speakers took the floor at Blockchain Life 2018. The organizers allocated Hall A and Hall B for their presentations. Sometimes, speeches were held in both halls at the same time, and participants had to decide which one they would like to listen to. The conference was attended by many speakers from abroad, including Evan Luthra, Charles Cai, Edward Chen, Vit Jedlička, and others.

Blockchain Life Outcomes
"Starting a new country is a lot easier than fixing the existing one," Vít Jedlička

The presentation by Alik Arslanov and Artem Popov, creators of the Telegram channel devoted to cryptocurrencies "$10 Buffett", attracted enormous attention. They discussed investments in digital assets.


Another important feature of the conference was the opportunity to put questions to any speaker, and the participants actively used it — the lecture often flared into the dialogue between the audience and the speakers. STO along with the reckless use of blockchain technologies in businesses were the most frequent topics of discussion. The majority emphasized that primary attention should be paid to a product a company creates, while tokenization should be carried out only when the company's activity implies this. As one of the speakers put it, “Don’t try to create tokens for your shawarma cart.”  

Blockchain Life Outcomes

An interesting part of the event was the exhibition: more than 60 exhibit booths featured a variety of blockchain projects, including the latest developments in the field of mining and cryptocurrency storage, promising ICO startups, crypto messenger, revolutionary technologies for marketing, and much more. The booths organizers were friendly and sociable, they answered all questions about the companies they represented. The best projects were awarded at the end of the conference. The results were summed up by online voting.

Blockchain Life Outcomes

The Blockchain Life 2018 conference was designed not only for work. The event gave an opportunity to all crypto community members to meet like-minded people for informal interaction. The organizers made sure of that — all participants were invited to have fun at the after-party following the closing ceremony.



Maxim Zusmanovsky, Blockspoint

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