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Justin Sun Hinted At Joint Plans With Ethereum Project

13:48 08/04/2019
TRON Founder Announces Possible Partnership With Ethereum

In the near future, TRON Foundation and the Ethereum blockchain project may allegedly enter into a partnership, Justin Sun, the head of TRON stated in the Crypto Chick podcast.


According to Sun, by the end of this year, the crypto community will see the official collaboration of the companies aimed at developing the entire blockchain and crypto industries. He did not disclose additional information about the upcoming partnership.


On April 1, Ethereum founder Vitaly Buterin tweeted a photo at a booth advertising the TRON product, with a large photo of Justin Sun. The founder of TRON reposted it, and one of the users wrote in a comment that Buterin's actions were an April Fools' Day joke.


At the same time, the statistics of the Dapp Review project indicates that the volume of transactions in the TRON blockchain is many times higher than that of the Ethereum network, losing only to the decentralized EOS system. Analysts say that TRON blockchain is popular among developers of applications for gambling. Since the beginning of 2019, the Tron network has processed transactions in the amount of about $1.6 billion that went through decentralized applications.


Previously, TRON has been ranked first by the number of transactions per month for almost half a year. It took the network two months to beat Bitcoin, and four to get around Ethereum.

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