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Fiat To Be Dying Soon — Crypto Enthusiast John McAfee

19:15 02/11/2018

John McAfee, a well-known programmer, businessman, and crypto enthusiast, stated in an interview with Cointelegraph that in five years fiat currency will start to fade.


McAfee did not give up his predictions about the bitcoin price. The businessman emphasized once again that the first cryptocurrency would cost $1 million at the time of the next presidential election. However, this will not be the million as it is now, because the fiat money will be very weak in comparison to cryptocurrencies by that time. According to him, fiat will be on the blink in five years.

Besides, McAfee confirmed his intention to run for the president of the United States in 2020. Speaking at the Malta Blockchain Summit, the businessman stressed that the election campaign would help him promote his cryptocurrency ideas at the national level. He uses the Libertarian Party as a platform for his ideas.

McAfee is sure that no one will elect him as president, and he himself does not pursue such a goal. The main thesis of his program will be how the crypto sphere can help in achieving each person’s freedom.

The crypto enthusiast first announced his participation in the presidential campaign in June 2018. Although before the elections in 2016, he was already seeking support from the Libertarian party and aimed to push forward the idea of monetary independence.

Moreover, John McAfee believes that bitcoin will become the gold standard for storing savings.

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