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IBM Top Manager Shares His Bitcoin Forecast For 2019

12:33 23/02/2019
IBM Top Manager Predicts Bitcoin Growth To One Mln USD

Jesse Lund, vice president of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at IBM, believes that bitcoin will stay at around $5000 till the end of 2019, and rise to $1 million one day, the YouTube channel Cryptofinder informed.


The IBM top manager believes in the further bitcoin rally in the long term. Lund explained that if BTC costs $1 million, a satoshi will be equal to one American cent. At the same time, the bitcoin capitalization will reach $20 trillion, which will drastically change the situation on the global financial market.


Recall that in 2018 IBM launched its Blockchain World Wire, a payment platform on the Stellar blockchain. This time, Jesse Lund said the corporation will include other cryptos in its ecosystem for making cross-border transfers. These can be bitcoin, XRP, and some stablecoins, as well as digital currencies issued by the governmental central banks, suggested Lund.


Previously, IBM announced the opening of two data centers for servicing blockchain in Australia.


The $1,000,000 figure seems pretty attractive to many players who make bets on bitcoin’s sweeping growth. Thus, John McAfee, an eccentric programmer and businessman, promised to eat his male organ if BTC does not reach this level by 2020.


Lund is not the only one to think bitcoin is able to rise in price significantly. Bobby Lee, a brother of the Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, considers bitcoin capable of growing to $1 million, but gradually, it can take 20 years. Last November, Tom Lee, an analyst from Wall Street, presumed that the bitcoin price may rise to $10 million.

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