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Coinbase CEO Shares Success For 2018

18:35 04/01/2019

Brian Armstrong, a co-founder and the head of the American crypto platform Coinbase, told in the official blog about the exchange’s achievements in the fourth quarter of 2018. According to him, the company launched a range of new services and managed to attract more than $300 million from investors.


In turn, Coinbase itself was an active investor and contributed to the development of 13 startups. In particular, a blockchain project Nomics, which is engaged in crypto data indexing, raised $3 million, part of which belongs to Coinbase.

Source : twitter.com

According to Armstrong, the company added several new products and features requested by users. These include support for the USDC stablecoin, the integration of PayPal with the ability to transfer funds to the payment service account without fees, as well as the launch of the Coinbase Earn project. It allows participants to earn tokens for studying cryptocurrencies.


For more productive trading, the exchange added a personalized news feed that displays relevant information from the world of cryptocurrencies in the Coinbase mobile application.


In the last quarter of 2018, the crypto exchange expanded its listing with ZCash and a number of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain — BAT, CVC, DAI, and others.

Besides, the services of the digital exchange became available to residents of Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Lithuania, as well as on the Isle of Man and Guernsey in the English Channel.


Armstrong notes that the company has significantly expanded its staff, which created some issues in decision making and trust. Therefore, in 2019, Coinbase will pay a lot of attention to team building.

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