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Cambridge Associates Advises Investors To Buy Cryptocurrencies

11:26 20/02/2019
Cambridge Associates Urges To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Institutional investors should consider investing in cryptocurrencies, a specialist from Cambridge Associates, a consulting firm, stated, according to Bloomberg.


The analyst believes that difficulties in the crypto sphere should not prevent investors from long-term investments in it. Such investments certainly entail risks, some of which can adversely affect the digital world, that is why large companies avoid collaborations in the crypto industry, which is still weakly regulated, according to the report.


Investments from institutional organizations can increase confidence in the cryptocurrency sector as a whole, the expert concludes, and advises investors to pay attention to exploring various ways of investing, for example, using illiquid venture funds to purchase tokens on trading crypto platforms.


Cambridge Associates is a private equity firm founded in 1973 in the United States. The organization consults companies with a turnover of at least $300 billion as well as provides investment portfolio management services and consults institutional depositors, including funds, private clients, and government agencies.


Previously, betting sports agencies showed increasing interest in decentralized applications and crypto while making bets.

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