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Anthony Pompliano: All Finances To Be Tokenized In 5 Years

19:51 27/12/2018

Anthony Pompliano, a crypto enthusiast and founder of the investment company Morgan Creek, believes that in the nearest years all securities, currencies, and commodities will be tokenized and put on blockchain. He told this Blockchain Reporter, also giving his view on the current state of the crypto market.


According to Pompliano, the total digitization may take five or fifteen years, but it will happen anyway. The expert predicts that devices will conduct transactions of such a level that people living today can not imagine.

He also hopes that implementation of blockchain into everyday life will be performed discreetly. Technology should solve people's problems so good that they must not even notice that it in fact helps them, Pompliano stated.


Answering the question on whether cryptocurrency, with its volatility, can become a safe investment during the next financial crisis, Anthony Pompliano said that bitcoin’s behavior at such moments is difficult to predict. He would not be surprised if bitcoin behaves with no correlation with the legitimate financial system.

Pompliano also believes that despite the $700 billion losses on the cryptocurrency market from January 2018, the industry still can benefit from the downtrend. The current wave of layoffs will help to get rid of the “tourists”. This is the time when important work should be started, focusing on creating sustainable values, the expert added.


Previously, Pompliano’s Morgan Creek decided to repeat a wager of a famous investor Warren Buffet. The firm will bet $1 million on cryptocurrency surpassing stocks.

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