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Senator Of Georgia Arrested Due To Suspicion Of Crypto Forgery

15:17 02/01/2019

Michael Williams, US state senator from Georgia, is suspected of providing false crypto mining data in the documentation, CCN reports.


Williams voluntarily faced the authorities after he was accused of falsifying information about the loss of mining equipment. Back in May 2017, the official announced the theft of computer servers worth $300,000 from an office in Monroe Drive, Gainesville. The senator also filed an insurance claim for damages.

According to law enforcement officers of the Bureau of Investigation in Georgia, the results of the activities conducted by investigators indicate that the official filed a false insurance claim and fabricated the theft of equipment, as well as continued to use computers for the needs of his company LPW Investments, which were in another part of the building all this time.


Despite the fact that Williams confessed and intends to help the investigation, his lawyer stated that he is not guilty. He also stressed that the defense was not provided with the evidence of the prosecution to review and prepare the defense strategy in court.

Michael Williams is known in the USA for his progressive views in the blockchain and crypto sphere; he advocated changes to the state tax code that would allow paying taxes in cryptocurrencies.


As previously reported, the US Congressmen jointly issued the draft law, which allows to expand the definition of digital tokens.

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