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Famous Boxer And DJ Accused Of Promoting Centra Tech Crypto Fraud

21:02 22/10/2018

A lawsuit was filed against American boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled regarding their involvement in a crypto fraud for $32 million.


The main object of the litigation was Centra Tech (CTR) cryptocurrency, which was sold to investors for $32 million as part of the ICO held in 2017. According to the lawsuit, Mayweather’s and Khaled's fault was to support this company as they promoted digital currency through social networks.


Source: TMZ


Messages published by the famous boxer in his profile agitated the audience for the purchase of Centra Tech crypto coins. In turn, DJ Khaled stated that the new company and the digital currency they had developed would radically change the crypto markets.


Earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that a company supporting CTR is carrying out illegal activities against crypto investors, and some executives who are indicated as the staff don’t actually exist. In April, the company founders Sam Sharma and Robert Farkas were detained on charges of asset and securities frauds.


According to the plaintiffs, the company's investors, the value of the company's tokens has fallen sharply since February 2018, while the price of one crypto coin was about $1. After the company's founders were arrested, by October the CTR rate dropped by $0.02.


As previously reported, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) accused three crypto companies of fraudulent activities regarding digital investing.

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