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Hacker Is Put On Probation For Mining On State Website

09:43 30/11/2018

A resident of Kurgan (Russia) was put on probation for two years by a court decision for attempting to hack the website of the Yaroslavl Oblast government to mine bitcoin, URA.RU reports.


Kurgan city court ruled to recognize the hacker guilty of five cybercrimes but did not imprison him. Besides, the convict is prohibited to get involved in professional activities on the Internet for a year.

Realizing that powerful servers with high power consumption are needed to mine bitcoins, a 21-year-old youngster chose the regional government website. He made more than one hundred thousand attempts to figure out the password to the server using a virus program within an hour.


Hacking attempts were noticed by the security services of the regional government, which reported this to the respective state authorities. Officers from the Federal Security Service (FSB) were able to quickly find the crypto scammer. A criminal case was initiated against him under the article of the Criminal Code of Russia on the use of malicious software.

Apart from the government website of the Yaroslavl region, the official web pages of several other regions of Russia have come to the attention of the hacker. Initially, the cybercriminal faced a term of imprisonment of up to five years.


As previously reported, two Russian priests suffered from crypto scammers who swindled money from them using a fake bitcoin wallet. Besides, in November 2018, a preliminary investigation in the case against a group of hackers who stole and exchanged 21.5 million rubles to cryptocurrency was completed in Russia.

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