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Iranian Authorities Recognize Blockchain Benefits For Economy Growth

18:32 18/12/2018

A representative of Iran's government declared that the development of blockchain could be a driving force for the country's economy, the local newspaper Tehran Times reports.


According to Alireza Daliri, Deputy for Management Development and Resources at the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, more than a hundred of countries appreciate blockchain and all the benefits it can bring. For Iran, this technology can serve as an innovative base for coordination with its partners around the globe.

Daliri expressed his confidence that the advantages of the innovative technology outweigh all possible risks of international concern. He admitted that his department is exploring the potential of blockchain and the role it may play in the development of the Iranian economy. The official added that any country should adopt technologies that can lead to economic growth.


Daliri also believes that blockchain can be successfully implemented and used only with the support of authorities and private businesses. In this regard, it is imperative for Iran and leaders of other countries to work together.

In early 2018, Daliri already expressed his opinion on the crypto sphere. He announced that Iranian officials are creating a basis to introduce a national cryptocurrency. They were forced to take this step to evade US sanctions and get the opportunity to conduct deals with international partners.


As previously reported, the US Treasury added cryptocurrency addresses of two Iranian citizens to its sanctions list for individuals.

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