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Group Of Crypto Miners Is Arrested In Germany

21:40 07/02/2019
Group Of Crypto Miners Is Arrested In Germany

Police in Klingenthal (Germany) detained a group of crypto miners suspected of stealing electricity for their mining farm, Cointelegraph reports.


Law enforcement agencies found a network of 49 system units, which were located in the territory of the former electric maintenance firm PGH Elektro. According to the police, during two years, the mining farm took as much electricity as was required for thirty households, and the damage for the company supplying power amounted to 220,000 euros (more than $250,000).


Based on the data of the local Internet resource FreiePresse, most of the system units were equipped especially for the mining of cryptocurrencies. In general, the group of miners installed 80 GPUs.


Six suspects were detained during the operation. They are all charged with stealing electricity for crypto mining.


Detention of miners who use electricity illegally for the crypto mining occurs in many countries, and it happens in Asia quite often.


In December 2018, the police in Taiwan detained a man for stealing electricity worth more than $3 million. He mined bitcoin and ether. During this time, the miner managed to get cryptocurrency worth about $14.5 million. The accused hired electricians and remodeled the premises for this purpose.

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