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Indian Police Exposes $17 million Crypto Fraud

19:52 18/02/2019
Four Suspected In Cryptocurrency Frauds Arrested In India

Law enforcement officers of the Indian city of Mumbai revealed a cryptocurrency fraudulent scheme, in which attackers got almost $17 million, The Times of India reports.


During the investigation, four suspects were detained and some money accounts in India were frozen. Law enforcers also announced a search for the fifth accomplice, who allegedly was the main figure in the criminal group. The case came to the attention of the police after the appeal of Umeshchand Jain, a resident of the Surat city. He accused the suspects of fraudulent actions, because of which he lost about $145,000.


According to the police inspector, members of the group were operating within the state of Gujarat, where they met with local residents and urged them to make deposits with a promise to double their investments. The group sold the Cashcoin cryptocurrency to investors, launched in 2018. At the moment, the suspects are charged with fraud, abuse of trust, and criminal conspiracy. Lawyers of the detainees claim that they were arrested illegally.


As previously reported, attackers stole bitcoins, ethers, and XRP worth about $2.5 million from the addresses of the Istanbul crypto company.

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