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New Wyoming Governor Expresses Support For Blockchain Projects

17:40 10/01/2019

The issuing company of the Cardano cryptocurrency is moving to Wyoming, following an invitation of its new governor, KGAB reports. Mark Gordon, a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain, has recently been elected to this position. In his inaugural speech, he backed projects already working in the state and called on other startups to move to Wyoming.


The new governor pointed out two startups that have already helped the state to become the innovation leader — BeefChain and SheepChain. These blockchain projects allow tracking the supply chain of literally every piece of meat from farm to table.

At Gordon’s invitation, some other companies are already seeking to move offices to the state with favorable crypto regulation. IOHK, the issuer of the digital currency Cardano (ADA), is already packing its things to leave from Hong Kong to Wyoming. This information was confirmed by the company’s founder Charles Hoskinson, also a co-founder of such major projects as BitShares, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.


Over the past year, the state of Wyoming proved to be a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain, approving a number of laws to prompt the industry. In December 2018, the local lawmakers almost unanimously voted for the adoption of crypto banks. Special depository banks will be created in Wyoming to cooperate with blockchain startups and assist in the safe development of the state’s financial sector. It is worth noting that the crypto law was met with opposition from the representatives of traditional banks.

Besides, Wyoming is launching a land register on blockchain.

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