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Plaintiffs In Case Of Accused In Crypto Scam Withdraw Suit In Cyprus

17:25 28/11/2018

The claimants in the case of Alexander Vinnik, who is accused of crypto fraud and other violations of law, decided to withdraw their lawsuit against him in Cyprus on November 27, 2018, ForkLog reports, referring to defence lawyers.


Representatives of the accused Russian commented on this decision, stating that the plaintiffs do not have sufficient evidence base for Vinnik’s crimes, as well as a clear legal position, therefore, the claimants decided not to bring the case to trial.

Moreover, it became known that the judicial authorities of Greece pledged to compensate Vinnik the legal costs. The amount of money spent is not disclosed.


Proceedings in the Vinnik’s case lasted several months. The Greek police arrested him on charges brought by representatives of the USA, France, and Russia. The Russian was charged with extortion, participation in a criminal group, and money laundering with the help of the ВТС-е crypto exchange, where he allegedly held an executive position.

Subsequently, the United States put forward a version according to which Alexander Vinnik could be one of the participants in the intervention in the presidential election race and had information about the activities of a group of officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation.


The court of Greece has already made a decision on the extradition of Vinnik at the request of law enforcement agencies of the three countries, but the final decision should be made by the Minister of Justice of Greece.

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