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Bulgarian Officials Grant Citizenship For Cryptocurrency

21:45 02/11/2018

Citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, and Macedonia paid the employees of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad in cryptocurrency for the illegal provision of Bulgarian passports, NOVA reports.

Three officials of the state agency were taken into custody for illegally granting the Bulgarian citizenship and issuing passports to foreigners. Ivan Geshev, the chief prosecutor of Bulgaria, was the first to share this information. “The money was paid in cryptocurrency, and we can prove it”, he stated.


In response, the defense of those arrested claims that there is no evidence from the law enforcement agencies.

Dimitar Vladimirov, the deputy head of the agency, who said that he knew about the entire corruption scheme but did not give a signal, is the main witness in the case. The defendants took about €5000 for one passport. They are charged with corruption, forgery of documents, the organization of a criminal group, and abuse of official position. The group has operated since July 2017.


In turn, Valeri Simeonov, the deputy head of the Bulgarian government, stated that he would not resign because of the incident at the agency.

Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union for more than ten years. Its passports enable the residents to visit European states, live and work there freely. In this regard, citizens of neighboring countries seek to obtain a Bulgarian passport, sometimes even in circumvention of the law.

As previously reported, the US Federal Court sentenced a crypto dealer to imprisonment for illegal transfers of funds in cryptocurrency.

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