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ISIL Accomplice Raises Funds In Bitcoin For Terrorists

12:54 28/11/2018

An American of Pakistani origin, accused of financing the terrorist organization ISIS with the help of bitcoin, pleaded guilty in the court, Hindustan Times reports.


During the federal court hearing in NY State, 27-year-old Zoobia Shahnaz confessed she had used bitcoin and other cryptos to provide financial support to the ISIS units in China, Pakistan, and Turkey.

She fraudulently received a loan of $22,500 and used credit cards to buy cryptocurrency for $62,000, and subsequently sent these funds to the terrorist organization.


Moreover, Shahnaz admitted that she had sent more than $150,000 to individuals and fake companies in three countries affected by ISIS to hide the real purpose of these funds. Now she faces a prison term of 20 years.

Apart from sending funds to terrorists, Shahnaz visited propagandistic websites, containing information about jihad, and social networks where recruiters, financiers, and the ISIS fighters communicated.


The criminal was detained in July 2017 by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) when she was about to depart from the NY airport to Pakistan, then to proceed to Syria.


Shahnaz received the American visa, and after that, the US citizenship, with the help of her relatives, but later she turned her back on the country and the citizens, William Sweeney, the FBI Assistant Director, claimed.


Shahnaz’ lawyer stated in an interview with the NPR that his client, being an employee of the New York hospital, worked as a volunteer for the Syrian American Medical Society and helped refugees in the Middle East.


As previously reported, the Thai authorities may strengthen the crypto regulation to combat terrorism.

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