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Government Of Abkhazia Leaves 15 Mining Farms Without Energy

17:13 02/01/2019

Chernomorenergo, the state Abkhaz enterprise, reported on Facebook that the authorities of the Republic of Abkhazia cut off energy for a number of mining farms because of the electricity glitch in the region.


The government has canceled the power supply to 15 facilities, the total capacity of which reaches 8950 kW/h. This amount of electricity is equivalent to the consumption level of about 1800 households. The government of Abkhazia has temporarily imposed energy consumption restrictions for certain categories of users. It is stressed that the representatives of the mining sphere reacted to the situation in the region with understanding and are ready to cooperate with the authorities.

This situation unfolded against the backdrop of increasing global concern among state regulators due to the increase in electricity consumption during crypto mining. For instance, the Norwegian authorities have already stopped subsidizing bitcoin miners.


According to the politician Lars Haltbrekken, Norway can no longer support the industry, which requires such a large amount of energy accompanied by a high level of emissions that pollute the atmosphere. The government in Washington, USA, has developed a special electricity pricing scheme for miners of digital assets, which is designed to protect users' investments.

As previously reported, the authorities of Taiwan arrested a man on charges of illegal electricity consumption worth several million US dollars for crypto mining.

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