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Swissquote Online Bank To Provide Service For ICO Conduction

07:31 23/10/2018

Swissquote, an online financial services provider from Switzerland, stated it had become the first bank to offer clients the option of conducting an ICO on its base, as follows from the company’s press release.


Swissquote has been offering crypto services to its customers since 2016. One of the last such services is the opportunity to buy tokens during the ICO of LakeDiamond, an industrial diamond manufacturer.


The minimal purchase should be 60 LakeDiamond (LKD) tokens, which are equivalent to 33 Swiss francs. During the presale, which will be held from October 22 to December 11, 2018, customers will receive one token free for every ten purchased. The offer will be valid until the project raises four million Swiss francs.


As an explanation of this step, Swissquote representatives stated that from now on, those interested in the ICO would no longer need to have a deep understanding of blockchain. Combining crowdfunding with blockchain creates a new opportunity for fundraising, Marc Bürki, Swissquote executive director, stressed.


The new service will operate for Swissquote customers who will purchase tokens through their accounts, despite the fact that the bank itself stores them in a separate wallet.


As previously reported, the Swiss company Crypto Fund AG received the first license in the country, which gives the right to manage crypto assets.

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