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Smartphone With Mining Function To Become Available For $80

12:49 27/02/2019
Smartphone For Mining To Be Available For 80 Dollars

The UK startup Electroneum developed the M1 smartphone with the mining function of its own cryptocurrency ETN. The announcement about the release of a new mobile device has been posted on the company's Twitter account.


The M1 smartphone with the Android operating system is certified, it has an integrated cloud mining technology. The device supports 4G, it also provides for the simultaneous use of two SIM-cards.


The internal memory of up to 32 gigabytes should be noted among the other advantages of the smartphone. Moreover, it is equipped with a five-megapixel camera and a Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor.


The declared price of the mining smartphone is $80. It is assumed that its sales will start in the Republic of South Africa. The cost of the device can be reduced by 25% in some countries since Electroneum is focused on less developed countries in its work.


One of the significant advantages of the smartphone is its payback. The developers claim that M1 can generate a profit of up to $3 per month.


With the offer of Electroneum, the number of mobile devices related to cryptocurrency and blockchain has increased in the market. Earlier, HTC, Sirin Labs, and Samsung presented their blockchain smartphones. The difference of M1 from the models of these companies is that the smartphone allows mining the ETN cryptocurrency, created by the startup.


As previously reported, Samsung's new Galaxy S10 mobile device allows users to keep private keys for mobile blockchain services.

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