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ICO Projects Attract $160 Million Over Two Weeks Of January 2019

15:41 21/01/2019
ICO Projects Raise 160 Million Dollars

Projects organizing fundraising based on ICO managed to attract $160 million over the period from January 1 to January 15, 2019, Cointelegraph reports, referring to the data from a report of the rating company ICObench.


The amount of $160 million constituted the third part of all funds raised through ICOs in December 2018. Moreover, one project managed to attract 50 percent of the entire amount.


The researchers at ICObench emphasized that the total number of ICOs in January should be more than 150, which approximately corresponds to the data of the last half year, excluding December. Besides, the experts believe that the number of ICO projects continues to decline, that is, this form of fundraising is gradually losing its popularity.


Canada is the leading country in terms of the amounts attracted in the first half of January — it was the project from this country that managed to raise $80 million. Estonia, where three ICOs raised $52 million, took the second position, and the Netherlands is third with $10.8 million.


The United States is leading by the total number of projects. There were 8 ICOs held in this country. The UK is second with 4 ICOs, followed by Estonia with three ICO projects. Israel took the fourth place, and the Netherlands and Canada shared the fifth position.


A study of the Internet resource Coinopsy revealed that 264 projects related to cryptocurrencies failed in 2018, and 144 of them were created a year ago based on ICO.


Earlier, the Wall Street Journal found out that several hundred ICO projects are empty shells and have signs of fraud.

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