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FBI Representative Calls Signs Of Scam ICO Projects

17:04 20/02/2019
FBI Officer Lists Signs Of Fraudulent ICO Schemes

Steven M. D'Antuono, the head of the financial crimes division at the FBI criminal investigation unit, described the main features of fraudulent ICO projects in an interview with a journalist of the Dutch website The Paypers. He also warned investors against participation in such schemes. 


Representatives of The Paypers note that ICO projects and the crypto sphere have generally experienced a sharp increase in popularity at the turn of 2017–2018. Fraudsters know this and use market trends to deceive depositors. In this regard, The Paypers decided to seek advice from an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 


First of all, according to D'Antuono, it is necessary to pay attention to the professional experience of project managers and how well known these people are so that they can be trusted. As a rule, scam ICO projects conduct aggressive marketing and make extremely optimistic promises about future earnings. 


Investors need to make sure that the physical address of ICO organizers exists. If everything happens exclusively on the Internet, this is a suspicious sign. It is also necessary to find out within the legislation of which country an initial offering is being held. 


The status of the organization itself, according to D'Antuono, is easy to check, for this purpose one can visit the BrokerCheck system belonging to the Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (FINRA). 


As previously reported, the US Securities and Exchange Commission presented its vision of ICO conduction.

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