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Vault Crypto Platform Introduces Wallet For Storing Crypto Collectibles

Published: 14/09/2018

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What is it for?

The Crypto Vault team announced the launch of a new digital wallet supporting non-fungible tokens and crypto collectibles on the App Store, Coindesk reports.


John Egan, the co-founder of Vault, claimed that they intend to make the acquisition and storage of digital objects instantly clear and easy for users who have a vague idea of blockchain.


To date, most of the decentralized applications (dApp) are designed for developers rather than for an average user. According to Egan, Vault doesn’t overload its ecosystem with excessive technical information but enables users to start using dApp right away.


It is noteworthy that non-fungible tokens won’t be tied to the money equivalent or digital trading in any way.


John Egan explained the matter of the new crypto wallet: "It's like the early days of baseball cards, you didn't buy them to make 50 [times] their value later, you bought them to own them or trade them with your friends.”


Having examined the app thoroughly, it becomes clear that there are no tools for making the profit, he added. The point is that the digital objects stored in it will have their own value, not tied to anything.


The users will be able to create the address book of their friends, which eliminates the need to record and use the real addresses of crypto wallets of other clients, which are quite cumbersome.


Egan stated that Crypto Vault doesn’t position itself as a trading platform. Their sole objective is to prove themselves as a useful service, utility, and develop actively, as the Global Network once did.


As previously reported, the Decentral company and co-founder of the Ethereum presented a new crypto wallet, which will support more than 70 types of tokens. 

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