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Number Of Transactions Using SegWit Reaches 53% In Bitcoin For First Time

18:02 04/10/2018

The number of Bitcoin transactions using the Segregated Witness protocol reached a record level and grew to 53%, according to Transactionfee.info.


The protocol was activated in August 2017. It was developed to improve the overall performance of the Bitcoin network and reduce fees. Segregated Witness changed the structure of data storage in the block and the mechanism to verify transactions for full nodes. With its implementation, signatures were categorized into an independent structure, hence the term “Segregated Witness” (SegWit) appeared.


Source: transactionfee.info


It is worth noting that the advantages of SegWit include the potential to introduce quick exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat money without resorting to services of trading platforms, as well as enhanced protection against hacker attacks.


The idea of the SegWit protocol was actively promoted by the developers of Bitcoin Core, the most popular Bitcoin client. Among them were specialists Gregory Maxwell, Adam Back, and Peter Wuillle. Subsequently, they began to work at the Blockstream startup and created the Lightning Network protocol.


There were difficulties in developing and implementing SegWit. Firstly, it was necessary to find a technical solution and conduct a protocol as a soft fork. Secondly, voting process posed difficulties since some pools refused to activate the protocol. The developers managed to introduce a solution where nodes vote instead of miners. Nevertheless, some miners didn’t agree with the introduction of SegWit and provoked a hard fork, hence the creation of Bitcoin Cash.


As previously reported, the developers released an updated extended version Bitcoin Core 0.17.0.

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