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Brazilian Retailer To Apply Payment System Of Blockchain Startup

Published: 14/09/2018

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What is it for?

A Brazilian retailer Via Varejo signed an agreement with the blockchain startup Airfox on the use of its payment system, according to the press release of Airfox.


The retail chain Via Varejo occupies the largest segment for the sale of electronic goods, household appliances, and furniture in the Brazilian market. The retailer sells goods under the brands Casa Bahia and Pontofrio to over 60 million customers across the country, delivering up to one million units of equipment per month.


Via Varejo integrates the Airfox payment system into its e-commerce platform. Customers of the retailer will be able to fulfill their daily financial needs related to the purchase of goods, payment of bills, and transfer of money quickly and easily. Buyers can charge public transport cards using the app in mobile phones, take microloans, deposit, and withdraw money at any Casa Bahia store, as well as post offices, banks, and terminals.


Airfox is a company providing mobile financial services that began operations in February 2018. It offers the fiat payment option and by means of its AirToken (AIR) token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain.


In the press release, the representatives of Airfox underline the importance of cooperation with Via Varejo with the purpose of mass introduction of payment services on blockchain. Thus, the startup expands the possibilities of its digital wallet to cover the whole country.


As previously reported, a bitcoin hostel was opened in Paraty (Brazil), where tourists can pay with the cryptocurrency.

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