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Ledger To Create Solution For Transferring Green Energy Data To Blockchain

19:03 11/10/2018

The Ledger startup, in partnership with Engie, a French company, will develop a solution that will help measure, record, and protect data, received from renewable energy sources, in blockchain, the press service of the startup reports.


Blockchain will reflect the information about the so-called "green" energy, which includes electricity produced by wind turbines, solar panels, or hydraulic structures. According to the representatives of Ledger, there were no such precedents till now.


The new solution may play a significant role in the further use of renewable energy sources in energy supply, as well as in tracking the volume of produced resources and data processing. In particular, it will help to combine several blockchain systems and decentralized apps simultaneously. Given the extensive experience of Ledger in the field of blockchain protection and security, the reliability of data safety will not be in doubt.


Both companies have successfully tested the new system, which was installed on several wind turbines and hydraulic structures. Testing allowed Engie to create its own platform for tracking and certifying its customers.


The cooperation with Engie in the development of blockchain technology will help solve many issues in the energy industry, Eric Larchevêque, the Ledger executive director, states.


Engie employees not only provide customers with "green" energy but also strive to develop innovative technology solutions in the field of electric power, Edouard Neviaski, the head of the company, stressed.


As previously reported, Blackberry will begin work on the creation of a blockchain platform for the medical sector.

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