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New Tokens Are Included To CoinMarketCap Rating

14:11 09/10/2018

CoinMarketCap, an analytical crypto portal, have been extended with new tokens, such as Gemini Dollar (GUSD), BLAST (BLAST), Ondori (RSTR), USD//Coin (USDC), Etheera (ETA), Bitspace (BSX), Welltrado (WTL), Simmitri (SIM), as was posted in Twitter.



First and foremost, Gemini Dollar (GUSD), a stablecoin from the Gemini crypto exchange, is notable. The token, based on the Ethereum network, was released in early September. According to the analytical portal rating as of 05:39 (UTC), October 9, GUSD ranks 1773rd with the daily trading volume of $70,144.


The BLAST (BLAST) token holds the 1888th position, its price is $0.0044, and the daily trading volume is $1577. The BLAST blockchain project aims to develop and support software for video games.


Ondori (RSTR) takes the 1833rd position with a cost of $0.0001 and the daily trading volume of $13,838. Ondori positions itself as a resource for performing fast transactions in a private peer-to-peer crypto network.


ETA, a token developed by the Swiss startup Etheera, is ranked 1880th. Its cost is $0.000085, and the daily trading volume is $2139. Bitspace (BSX) holds the 1931th position with the price of $0.0014 and daily volume of $257.


The Welltrado project is seen as a global alternative investment market. The WTL token is ranked 706th with its price of $0.06 and the market volume of $2.2 million. Simmitri (SIM) takes the 1771st place, its cost is $0.017, the daily trading volume is $72,303. Finally, USD//Coin (USDC) ranks 1695th in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

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