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CEO Of Sirin Labs Allocates $1,9 Million For Blockchain Institute In Israel

15:27 10/10/2018

Moshe Hogeg, the executive director and one of the founders of the Sirin Labs blockchain startup, has allocated 7 mln shekels ($1,9 mln) to establish the first Israeli blockchain research institute at Tel Aviv University (TAU), NoCamels reports.


The new research facility was named the Hogeg Institute for Blockchain Applications. It will operate as a unit of the Coller School of Management.



Moshe Hogeg (second from right to left) Source: Tel Aviv University


The organization will help accelerate the blockchain development in order to apply it in many spheres of human activity and in the interests of business in Israel and throughout the world, Moshe Hogeg stated.


The Institute's main objective is to study, disseminate knowledge about blockchain technology, and its implementation in the spheres of healthcare, law, business, and government services. To this end, the TAU experts will interact with leading scientists from different countries. Numerous courses and conferences are planned. The institute will be headed by professor Dan Amiram, the subdean of the School of Management.


Moshe Hogeg / Facebook
Moshe Hogeg (source: Facebook)


The institute became not only the first of its kind in Israel, but also a part of the small list of similar research institutions around the world. Thus, Tel Aviv University is ranked along with the world’s leading educational institutions, according to the statement of the educational organization.


As previously reported, the Israel Securities Authority integrated a blockchain-based messaging system.

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