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Developers Introduce Jaxx Liberty Wallet Supporting 70 Tokens

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

A crypto wallet Jaxx Liberty, created by the Decentral company and Anthony Di Iorio, an Ethereum co-founder, has been officially launched. As developers wrote in the official blog, the wallet supports more than 70 different tokens.



So far the software is compatible with the smartphones and tablets on Android and is also available as an extension for Chrome browser. The developers promise to release versions for iOS, Mac, and other popular operating systems.


The beta version of Jaxx Liberty had been tested by users since July. The team added the most popular features to the wallet, having analyzed the users' feedback. In particular, there is a new option of cryptocurrency exchange directly within the wallet. Exchange operations are supported by the ShapeShift crypto platform. Also now users can monitor the market rates provided by CoinMarketCap. Moreover, the final version of Jaxx Liberty includes a news feed with the latest information from the industry.


Source: Jaxx Liberty


The developers specify that, unlike most bitcoin or ethereum wallets, Jaxx Liberty is not tied to a particular cryptocurrency — its listing includes 70 different positions. According to Di Iorio, companies, which want to upload their token to the wallet, will have to pay $250,000.


For better accounts security, the system does not store personal data — it remains on the user's side. Also the team offers its customers to invent a secret phrase for the encryption of sensitive information. For more security details, see our Jaxx review.


Earlier, Thai regulators announced a wallet for confiscating of cryptocurrency.

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Jaxx Liberty Wallet

  1. LloydTheo:
    09/13/18 at 10:51

    does somebody know when it'll work in IOS?

  2. RoyalManatee:
    09/13/18 at 15:21

    Well ETC is not the best when it comes to multuplatforming so...pretty sure the answer is not soon.