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Huobi To Team Up HADAX Crypto Exchange With Main Platform

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

A crypto exchange Huobi HADAX will be transformed into an independent Huobi NEXT trading platform and will join the main Huobi Global exchange, in accord with the information on the official corporate website.



Huobi Global is considered one of the largest trading platforms worldwide, which has a list of more than 100 crypto pairs. At the beginning of this year, the company’s management established the HADAX crypto exchange with the aim of providing services to investors and companies which only start to create crypto projects with tokens emission.


All information pertaining to Huobi NEXT users may find on Huobi Global's main page, including HADAX tokens trading. Voting and Projects tab pages will also be displayed on the main site along with Huobi NEXT. Huobi Global will share its brand capacity, customer database and other resources for Huobi NEXT, according to the official statement.


After the launch of HADAX, users had a lot of questions, the core one being the voting process. Clients could vote for the listing of certain cryptos using the Huobi Token (HT). Certain large issuers could buy votes, which provoked a negative reaction from the Huobi community.


After a while, HADAX agreed to change the rules and introduced the supernode voting mechanism, represented by investment companies with solid reputation in the cryptocurrency sphere. Their representatives began to choose projects for voting.



Previously, Huobi Global announced the acquisition of a majority stake in the Japanese crypto exchange BitTrade. 

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  1. LloydTheo:
    09/13/18 at 10:46

    think that agreement about supernode voting mechanism, represented by investment companies with solid reputation in the cryptocurrency sphere is right step