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Hackers Try To Steal Bitcoins Using Cheat Tools For Fortnite Game

19:05 05/10/2018

Specialists working at Malwarebytes, a cybersecurity company, detected malware propagation in the ecosystem of a video game Fortnite, which can be utilized to steal data from bitcoin crypto wallets, according to the company’s blog.


Fortnite video game is considered one of the most popular in the world. More than 125 million gamers play it every day. Employees of the cybersecurity company conducted a scrupulous investigation of the game system and managed to localize vulnerabilities.


The scammers employed cheat codes for Fortnite through which they gained access to the players' crypto wallets. The virus impacts as a free subscription to the new video game season on the Android operating system, as well as by way of several cheats when passing the next stages.


Moreover, cybersecurity experts managed to determine that computer viruses can be downloaded from the links on the YouTube channels which belong to fraudsters, where they provide advice on how to pass game stages. The channel has 700 subscribers and over 2,200 views, and the file downloading has exceeded 1,200 times.


Source: Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes experts identified the virus as Trojan.Malpack and classified it as a program that poses a threat to crypto wallets, browsers, cookies, etc. The specialists found out that the stolen data is being sent to one of the Russian IP addresses.


Cybersecurity analysts believe that cryptographic virus programs have become very popular with fraudsters. More than a quarter of cyberattacks in 2018 were aimed at cryptocurrency owners.


As previously reported, a fraudster hit the jackpot worth $24,000 because of a vulnerability in the dice game created on the EOS blockchain.

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