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Forbes To Launch Content Publishing Blockchain Together With Civil Network

09:07 11/10/2018

The media giant Forbes, with the support of the journalistic network Civil, is going to switch to blockchain technologies, Matt Coolidge, the platform's co-founder, reported in his blog.


According to Coolidge, Forbes will be the first major magazine to start publishing material using blockchain. One of the oldest US magazines will use the Civil platform to store and archive their content in a decentralized system. Thus, it will ensure the safety of data and protect the published material from the intervention of third parties who can modify or withdraw it.


The magazine intends to test some methods of attracting readers via the platform, Coolidge stressed. He added that all the material prepared by the Forbes editors will be regulated on the Civil platform by the principles of ethical journalism.


Salah Zalatimo, the senior vice president of the Forbes tech department, believes that the company’s cooperation with the media network will provide readers of the magazine with a new level of content availability. Besides, work on the platform will help to establish a network of authors creating materials.


Matthew Iles, CEO of Civil, has expressed his interest in new collaboration. He believes that their team will be able to expand its audience and come to simpler ways of building and maintaining ethical journalism together with Forbes.


Forbes will begin to publish the metadata selected from the journal’s publications on the blockchain network in early 2019.


As previously reported, the MDK entertainment public is testing a mobile app for publishing content for which authors will be able to receive tokens.

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