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Testing In Ethereum Before Hard Fork Delayed

10:09 05/10/2018

Ethereum experts decided to delay the update of the Constantinople code on the testnet Ropsten, related to the forthcoming hard fork, Peter Szilagyi, one of the developers, posted on Twitter.



The main reason for the delay is the desire to give more time for individuals and organizations, which are node operators, to fix the bug found in one of the five Constantinople updates.


Another reason is that participants of the Ropsten network testing will be able to try out other products for Ethereum, including the Raiden solution developed for scaling.


The Constantinople upgrade is required for the implementation of the hard fork, following which the system of rewarding miners, code execution, information storage, and much more will be changed. The most active Ropsten nodes will be required to implement the code simultaneously.


In case of a negative scenario, which is a temporary network split, the possibility of further network testing will be excluded, although the project is close to launching at this stage, Lefteris Karapetsas, a Raiden network developer, stated. Thus, the Constantinople code activation in Ropsten is scheduled for October 14.


Constantinople will be the second stage of the hard fork called Metropolis. The first phase was called Byzantium and took place in the fall of 2017. The code will increase productivity and reduce the cost of fees in the Ethereum blockchain.


As previously reported, Parity specialists successfully implemented the Constantinople code in their software.

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