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EOS App Accidentally Transfers More Than $600,000 To Same Account

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

A decentralized application EOSBet for gambling based on the EOS blockchain paid more than $600,000 during 36 hours to the same customer, TheNextWeb reports.


Each time the user of dApp doubled the amount of money and made a bet on the blockchain platform for dice. After thorough analysis of transactions with the help of Hard Fork, it turned out that dozens of transfers were processed to the same account for more than 126 thousand EOS, or about $611 000.


Source: TheNextWeb


It wasn't the first incident when EOS blockchain platforms had suffered from "winnings" following an unclear system. For instance, on September 9, via the DEOSGames application, a customer got "monied up" with more than $20,000. Due to the virus contract that was implemented in the platform's smart contract, an account called "runningsnail" acquired 24 jackpots within an hour.


Recently, EOS team has made every effort to keep its platforms' integrity stable. However, Trybe, a tokenized EOS-based network, has confirmed that their developers had logged into users' accounts to retrieve tokens from digital wallets. Previously, by coincidence, a lot of excessive tokens were uploaded to dApp accounts, so the Trybe ecosystem needed access to wallets to proceed a reverse transaction.


There is a reason to believe that decentralized applications based on EOS are subject to the same method to circumvent the platform's security system.


However, on September 12, representatives of EOSBet stated that the platform wasn’t hacked, and the payment of winnings is not due to hacker’s actions, but simply a random luck.


As previously reported, an insurance company in South Korea will offer crypto exchanges insurance services against hacking and theft cases.

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  1. ForsakenPython:
    09/14/18 at 07:22

    If this keeps up EOS App will be closed due to the lack of funds.