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Embassy For Crypto Research Is Opened In Seoul

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

The team of Mile Unity Foundation, an international non-profit association, opened an “embassy” in Seoul to study the crypto sphere in the framework of the global project implementation, ForkLog reports.


The main goal of the organizers is to train representatives of state structures, financial institutions, businesspersons how to use digital assets and blockchain technology in modern economic conditions.


"Embassies" in different countries will act by analogy with other projects, namely organize roundtables and seminars, invite managers of leading companies and government employees in order to identify economic problems together and outline ways to solve them with the help of blockchain. Subsequently, it is possible to conduct hackathons, the winners of which will cooperate with large corporations.


Another task of the organization is to make the distributed ledger technology available to most people in different industries and services.


Yuri Gugnin, the representative of the non-profit association, believes that the algorithm of the decentralized XDR stablecoin can become a useful technology for developments within the "embassies". The XDR token resembles the first crypto because it doesn’t have the author, the owner, the initial coin offering for it was not conducted.


In the future, it is planned to open several more "embassies" in China, USA, Japan, India, and Switzerland.


As previously reported, a number of US crypto companies formed the Blockchain Association to lobby their interests in the Congress.

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