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CryptoPanic Announces New Selection Rules For Crypto News

10:16 12/10/2018

CryptoPanic, a news aggregator about cryptocurrencies and ICO, has introduced new rules for the source selection. Kaspars Sprogis, the founder of the company, announced the changes in the blog.


There are more and more news sources devoted to the crypto sphere. CryptoPanic was conceived to streamline the information flow so that readers themselves determine the rating of certain resources. The aggregator is committed to improving not only the quantity of news, but also their quality. By doing so, it is necessary to avoid spam, paid, false messages, or FUD-news. Reviews should be more operational and inspire users' confidence.


Screenshot of CryptoPanic page


Thus, according to the new rules, all selected news sources will receive a rating from one to three stars. Three-star news will be published in the beginning of the news feed. Two-star sources will be published only in 50% of cases, and one-star sources will have 0% exposure in top news, but such articles can be found in the sections “Search”, “News Sites feed”, “Coin views”.


News resources will be evaluated by a closed group of the most knowledgeable readers on crypto topics. The rating will be displayed in a separate section. Users will be able to turn off any source in order not to receive relevant notifications. Subsequently, reviewers will assess how many users have turned off a particular source, and this will also affect its rating. Moreover, resource visitors can post comments about news resources.


As previously reported, the ICORating agency has published the rating of the safest crypto exchanges.

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