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City Of Zion Specialists Make Changes To NEO Blockchain

13:03 08/10/2018

City of Zion, a team of professionals whose efforts are aimed at improving the performance of the NEO mainnet, reported on blockchain updates and technical innovations, according to the established blog reporting.



In the new version 2.0, the developers have improved the neo-go solution designed for processing of the network protocol, and in line with this, a new cryptocurrency package and independent imported modules have been created. Importantly, they laid the foundations for writing the light node.


Currently, almost all NEO developers use Python or C# to write their contracts. However, one of the strengths of NEO is the ability to write smart contracts in several programming languages, so it was decided to improve the Golang compiler to apply it on equal terms with Python and C#. All of these will be available in the neo-storm version 1.0, which will be released following the testing phase.


The City of Zion team has begun work on improving the NEO operating system for its security and ability to operate on an independent basis. The neo-storm developers will be able to promptly verify smart contracts.


The latest City of Zion report was released at a later date because the project team had been preoccupied with blockchain testing for several months. The main focus was laid on the integration of the wallet's features, the work of apps and consoles, the RPC implementation, and other innovations.


The number of NEO developers increased in summer and fall of 2018. All updates to the main network are available in the GitHub repository.


As previously reported, the developers have introduced a new version of Bitcoin Core 0.17.0.

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