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Users Of Circle Invest Can Now Purchase Thematic Token Collections

09:06 05/10/2018

The Circle crypto company has designed new features for its mobile application Circle Invest. An option called “Collections” allows acquiring the thematic sets of cryptocurrencies, according to the company's blog.


Source: Circle


The team has developed three collections — Platforms, Payments, and Privacy. Each of them includes several types of tokens, selected for particular purposes. For example, the collection for payments includes some of the most prevalent cryptocurrencies for transactions: bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), and Stellar (XLM).


The ratio of tokens in each collection is proportional to their market capitalization. It means that the share of bitcoins in the Payments set will be larger than those of LTC or XLM.


According to the team, the innovation will help investors to diversify their investment portfolio — it is an easy way to become a holder of several tokens at once, instead of investing in one cryptocurrency. Users can choose one of three sets depending on their preferences and goals. Also the Circle team promised to provide training so that investors would be better informed when choosing a collection.


Source: Circle


Earlier, the company introduced the Buy the Market product, which allows buying all the cryptocurrencies, available in the app, in one click. As reported in the blog, more than 30% of users take advantage of the option. The smallest investment is $1.


The Coinbase crypto exchange launched a similar offer in September 2018. Coinbase Bundle consists of the five most popular cryptocurrencies with a high market capitalization.

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